14 Dec

Enjoying the Holiday Season

Well, the holidays are here again! It feels like about 2 seconds have passed since last Christmas, doesn’t it? Hopefully this one will be a bit more normal. 

As we settle into the holiday season with family and friends, we naturally start to reflect on the previous year and set goals for next year. With this reflection can come a lot of thoughts about our health and fitness. We fully support the new year as a time to recharge, reset and set new goals, and we also believe that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed! Balance over this period is key. 

While they may be important, please don’t let your fitness goals stop you from enjoying all the wonderful things about this time of year. The last thing you want is to miss out on time with family and friends over a cocktail (or two) and some mince pies, just to “stay on track!” The track will still be there when you are ready to return to it… promise!

Here are some tips that can give you the best of both worlds during the holidays:

Get outside for a walk with family or friends. Not necessarily to burn off those holiday foods, but just to move your body and make more memories with your loved ones. Mulled wine to-go, anyone?

This is always important, but particularly when we are consuming a lot more salt, sugar and alcohol than we typically do! Hydration is key for boosting your immune system, so prevent those holiday sniffles (and hangovers…) by adding an extra glass or two of water to your normal daily intake. 

Eat your veggies 
Add vegetables to your plate where possible. The holidays are full of yummy carbs and sugary treats! Who doesn’t love that?! Adding veggies when you can will help add in a little nutrition here and there.  

Taking a break to celebrate is good for the mind and soul, and is actually more likely to lead to long term success when it comes to your fitness goals! Relax, then start your routine up again. It is better than restriction, “giving in” and guilt that may follow.

Ultimately, don’t sweat the small stuff. 10 years from now, I doubt you will regret having that extra mulled wine or mince pie, but you might regret missing out on making those lovely holiday memories with your loved ones. 

Happy Holidays!

-LSF Team 


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