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Make a positive change

We know that every member has joined Lifestyle Fitness for a reason, you’ve made a commitment to make a positive change to your health and fitness.

Whether you’re an experienced gym goer or completely new to exercise, our team of highly skilled personal trainers are there to offer support and assistance wherever needed.  


Personal Training

Whatever your goal, working with a personal trainer is a sure-fire way to ensure you achieve it. Learn new exercises and training protocols, ensure you are carrying out exercises safely and work with an inspiring and motivating trainer. Sessions are completely bespoke to you and your individual needs with a range of pricing, times and plans available dependent on which trainer you decide to work with and what your goals are.

Lifestyle Holistic

Lifestyle Holistic is a 6-stage holistic assessment giving you a total overview of your health and wellness. Its included in the price of your membership and carried out by one of the personal trainers in your club. It takes an in depth look at how you move, how you sleep, what you eat, your mind set and gives you nutritional implementations to start doing right away and improve your overall health.


This is the first step to working with a personal trainer and included in the price of your membership. During the consultation, your trainer will cover what you are wanting to achieve from your time in the gym, your past experiences and exercise history, talk through any medical conditions or injuries that may be a factor and be able to make recommendations on the types of training and programs that would work for you. You can then choose to go on and work with that trainer.

Programme Design

If you are new to the gym, knowing where to start can be a daunting experience. Having a foundation programme designed will initially help get you on your way to using the equipment and improving your confidence to exercise correctly. Included as part of your membership, these foundation programmes are designed by a trainer in your club for you to then carry out alone. If you would then like to have a more in depth and bespoke programme, you can choose to work with one of the trainers.

Earn While You Burn

Get paid to lose weight! Yes, really. We are so keen to help you achieve your weight loss goals that we will pay you to lose weight! For every kilogram you lose, we will pay you a well-earned monetary reward. The more you lose, the more money you get!

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