About Lifestyle Fitness...


So... Who are we?

Lifestyle Fitness are a family-run business founded in 1982. No expense is spared in the quality of our Lifestyle Fitness clubs. From the changing rooms, flooring, lighting, interior design and signage - equipment is supplied by market leaders Technogym, Gym80 and Escape Fitness, with the widest range of equipment, free weights and functional training in any UK fitness club.

Our founder, Carl Gripenstedt, had one thought: The very best in fitness should be available to everybody, at an affordable price. Back then, thanks to the high price of the average gym membership, it wasn’t.

The only choice people had was to either pay an eye-popping monthly fee to use the latest equipment, or join a gym that was full of second-rate machines and, often, poorly trained instructors. So, Carl decided to change all that.

He felt passionately that people should be able enjoy a perfect gym environment - exercise on the best equipment, have access to the most highly-trained staff - and still pay, what to them, seemed a perfectly reasonable price.

And, over forty years later, it looks like he was onto something. Every single one of our many clubs offers the most contemporary gym equipment, Personal Training and classes, for a purposefully competitive price.

The very best in fitness is now available to all.

Just the way Carl planned it.