01 Nov

Three Tips for Staying Motivated throughout the Winter Months

The time is here again! Colder weather, shorter, darker days and at times, plummeting motivation. It can be extra difficult to stick to our goals during this time of year, so here are a few tips to help you stay motivated throughout the next few months:

Make it a habit
Now is the time to set those positive habits. The weather has just started to shift, and we may already be looking ahead to the holidays…crazy, we know! Studies show it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. If you start now, you just might be settled into a good routine throughout the holidays! If you are already in the habit of going to the gym, eating well, and getting good quality sleep, it will make it much easier to continue doing it into January, which is arguably the worst month of the year. Why not get ahead?

Our top tip is to create a few small habits or goals that you absolutely know you can stick with. Start small and make your goals super achievable. If you keep the promises you make to yourself, you will gain momentum and be much more in touch with what is needed to achieve your goals.

Get outside
In the winter months it is more important than ever to spend time outside because there is very limited sunlight. In fact, some areas of the UK get as little as 7 hours and 25 minutes per day! 

Try taking a walk first thing in the morning to make the most of this limited daylight. Take your favourite coffee or tea, meet a friend, or listen to your favourite podcast to make it something you look forward to. If none of those resonate, you could always use your morning walk to get yourself to the gym! Do what works for you to make the most of these hours. Both your mental health and your vitamin D levels will thank you. 

Focus on what you can control 
During this time, there will be loads of things you simply cannot control. However, there are still quite a few things we can do on a daily basis that will help boost our mental and physical health. Your nutrition, hydration and sleep hygiene are just a few things that can give you some easy wins. When it comes to nutrition, take this time to try eating lots of green leafy veg, egg yolks, mushrooms and cow's milk to boost your vitamin D and make up for the lack of sunlight! Fuel yourself properly for your workouts, eat super cosy and nourishing meals, and make sure you stay just as hydrated as you would in warmer weather. Sometimes we forget to drink water in the winter, so try to make it a priority! Finally, winter is an excellent time to prioritise your sleep hygiene. Try to get your 7-9 hours every night, focusing on that hour before bedtime to wind down. All of these things in tandem should help to set you up for a productive winter.

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