Our reward scheme

Invite friends to earn points

Training with a partner can have numerous benefits, so why not invite your friends to come and train with you!


Introduce someone you know to Lifestyle Fitness and help each other reach new goals!

Refer your friend here and they’ll receive a free day pass to try out our facilities. Please note you must be logged in.

As a member, you can earn Reward Points and cash in prizes for every referral you make! Just fill out the form at the link above and introduce someone you know to Lifestyle Fitness and if they sign up with us, you’ll receive points and rewards up to 6 months free on your membership!

In order to claim reward points, new members must join on 12 month contracts. Reward points are only applicable to non-contract signups where the club in question has no contracted memberships.

Upcoming rewards

Refer a friend

1 month free

For one referral

2 months free

For two referrals

3 months free

For three referrals


4 months free

For four referrals


5 months free

For five referrals

6 months free

For six referrals