28 Feb

Create a Sustainable Approach to your Fitness Journey and Earn While You Burn!

We are already two months into 2022. Around this time of the year is when we tend to see our New Year’s resolutions and goals take a backseat. 

Lots of people will have been incredibly dedicated from 1st January, ready to smash their goals both in and out of the gym. However, enough time has passed in the year now, where we start to see things shift. Those ‘new year, new me’ goals may not be at the forefront of our minds anymore. This could be for one of two reasons. Either (1) Your goals were not sustainable to begin with, or (2) You have lost your motivation and need a kickstart.

Either way, our Earn While You Burn programme may be exactly what you need to form sustainable habits that lead to long term changes. 

Earn While You Burn is simple: for every kilo you lose, we pay YOU! Yep, you read that right. This 12 week programme involves identifying your goals with a member of staff. Our qualified PTs will work with you to come up with a personalised fitness programme to help you achieve your goals. Throughout the 12 weeks there will be weigh-ins to track your progress, and payouts to match! So far, our members have lost over 5 tonnes and earned over £24,000 combined! 

We know that weight loss is not everyone’s goal. However, if it happens to be yours, pop down to your club to chat with our staff about how to enroll. Click the link below to learn more.



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