03 Dec

Mental Health Matters: Stefan's 24 hour cycle

Good mental health is just as important as staying physically fit. Stefan, one of our Personal Trainers at our Clonoe club, is on a mission to prove it with his 24 hour non-stop cycle.

Good mental health is something so important and yet often so overlooked when talking about fitness, wellness and good overall health. According to statistics provided by the NHS, at least 1 in 4 people will suffer with some form of mental health issue in any given year. We need to get talking and raise more awareness to help combat the issues surrounding mental health, which leads us to Stefan's mission with his 24 hour cycle.

This is something close to Stefan's heart. Speaking to Belfast Live earlier in the week, he said: “I'm doing the fundraiser because I've suffered with my mental health for the last 10 to 12 years. Throughout those years, I've witnessed close friends lose their friends to suicide, and coming from a background in GAA I've seen other players taking their own lives as they haven't had the help that they've needed.” A good network and awareness around issues of menal wellness are so important.

Good mental health is something that is crucial to everyones overall wellness, and unfortunately too many people still feel there is a stigma around seeking professional help. “I started therapy just over a year ago, and doing that opened my eyes to the benefits of talking. 90% of men growing up would've been so headstrong, they would've just bottled up their emotions.” Stefan added.

Starting at 6pm on Monday 6th and finishing the following day at the same time, Stefan hopes that completing this huge challenge will raise awareness surrounding mental health problems that many of us face. All proceedings are going to Aware NI, Northern Ireland’s leading charity for helping combat issues surrounding mental health and helps people who are also suffering with a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression. 

Stefan set himself a goal of reaching £500, which he has now surpassed, but we hope he can gain much more before the big day on the 6th! You can find out more about Aware NI and donate to Stefan’s fundraiser by clicking the link here - Stefan Smith is fundraising for Aware (justgiving.com)

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