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What is V1BE?
V1BE is LSF’s treadmill-based HIIT class, based in our two Manchester boutique style gyms. V1BE combines intervals, strength training and boxing to give you the most efficient workout in a 30-60 minute class. 

Our mission is to deliver the ultimate workout experience that’s as flexible as you are. Whether you want to take part in a variety of innovative classes or just want to pop into the gym to do your own thing, V1BE / Lifestyle Fitness has something for everyone. 

So, what are V1BE classes like?
V1BE classes are suitable for all fitness levels, with Manchester’s best trainers offering modifications and progressions for all exercises during the workout. We always want you to feel comfortable in our classes, train at your own pace and get exactly what you want out of your time in the studio. The V1BE trainers are here to guide you through your workout and push you to be your best. After all, the main reason to come to V1BE is to focus on you!
Our four core V1BE classes are a mixture of treadmill and floor based classes. Pick your class based on what you feel will suit your needs best. We recommend a mix of all four to get the most benefit!

IGN1TE your body with both weighted and bodyweight exercises on the floor and short bursts of speed on the treadmill. This class will improve your strength, stamina, and speed, all in 30-60 minutes.
STR1KE combines boxing drills, strength training on the floor and short bursts of speed on the treadmills to give you V1BE’s most popular class. STR1KE is designed to improve your full body strength, endurance, and power. 
ADRENAL1NE tests your body with strength exercises using both weights and just your bodyweight to get your adrenaline pumping. No treadmills, this class… more time on the floor!
Set your glutes, legs, and core on fire in true V1BE style with BOOT1E. This class is designed to help strengthen & shape your booty with weighted, bodyweight and booty band exercises.

30 Minute Classes
Our 30 minute classes pack a punch and come in handy if you are short on time! Our shorter, more efficient classes are noted with “30” appearing after the class name as listed below:


For any V1BE related queries, please reach out to our Head of V1BE studios at chris.park@lifestylefitness.co.uk 

Who’s ready to #FEELTHEV1BE?! 
-V1BE/LSF Manchester Team

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