31 Jul

Top Tips for Staying Hydrated this Summer

We all know we should be staying hydrated generally, right? But why is it so difficult to actually put into practice? Sometimes life just gets busy and the last thing on our to-do list is to drink water. 

While the general recommendation is two litres per day, if you are generally quite active, do an intense workout or are just outside in the sun for a few hours, you really should be getting closer to three! This article will give you some of our favourite practical tips to make sure you get at least two litres per day.

Start your day with a glass first thing in the morning.
You are the most dehydrated after a full night of sleep, so it is vital to replenish those fluids first thing in the morning. Plus, integrating a glass of water into your morning routine will give you a head start on your water intake, making it easier to reach your goal! 

Use a straw.
You’d be surprised how much easier you find drinking water when it's through a straw. Invest in some reusable metal or glass straws for your glasses at home, or get yourself a reusable bottle that has one. Try it out and see how much faster you hit that two litre mark!

Carry a water bottle with you.
If you don’t have water with you when you are out and about, it is significantly more likely that you won’t drink enough! Having a good reusable water bottle that fits in your bag is a great investment. Plus you can almost always ask a restaurant or bar to fill it up for you. Staying hydrated, saving money and saving the planet?! Sounds like a huge win to me. 

Add fun flavours you enjoy. 
We get it. Water can be so boring, especially if you are aiming for 3 litres per day. Why not mix it up with some freshly squeezed lemon or your favourite flavour of squash? Just make sure whatever you are adding is low in sugar, as we don’t want to get in the habit of adding sugar where it’s not needed. 

Herbal tea counts!
Herbal tea is still water - FYI. Have a cup after dinner or before bed!

Eat plenty of fruit and veg with high water content.
Finally, while most of that 2-3 litres should be consumed as just plain water, it doesn’t hurt to consume more via food. Most fruits and vegetables will have a high water content, so be sure to integrate these into your diet a bit more. Summer screams fruit and salads to me, so why not add these in to get not only more hydration in, but also fibre and micronutrients that our bodies need to thrive.

Try these out and let us know what you think! Stay hydrated!  

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