10 Dec

How To Get Back Into The Gym!

You might be finding it hard to get back into the gym with the dark nights and Christmas approaching, but don’t give up...

We’ve collated our top tips to ease you back into the gym for any gym-goer or newbie!

You might think that you need to make up for lost time because the gyms were shut during the recent national lockdown. However, going overboard can do more damage than good, so make sure your training accommodates your current fitness levels. You’re probably not going to be as fit as you were, but the majority of people will be in the same boat! Starting with high-intensity training in the gym when your body isn’t prepared for it can lead to injuries. 

Only able to workout one day a week? That’s okay! Start with one or two days a week, and work your way up. Research shows that the body “responds to consistency over time” so your results will come much faster if you can keep a regular pattern and frequency.

An effective warm-up prepares your body for an increase in physical activity and a cool down lets your heart rest at a normal rate. Research states, muscles that have not been accustomed to high levels of activity for some time will experience some form of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) - meaning you could ache for up to 24-72 after a workout. An effective way of reducing this is to carry out cool-down exercises to prevent soreness.

We recommend setting small achievable goals and then working your way up to bigger goals. You could start with a 3k run and then work yourself up to a half-marathon, setting goals will motivate you by giving you something to work towards.

Find a workout buddy with a similar routine that can motivate you. If you’ve been out of the gym for a while, then find someone who is willing to get back into it, so that person can be your key motivator. You can bring them down to test the facilities on a free Day Pass (subject to location)! 

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