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From Work Experience to Assistant Club Manager: Memphis's Journey at Avon Valley

From Work Experience to Assistant Club Manager: Memphis's Journey at Avon Valley

Growth is one of five main brand values, which are an expression of who we are here at Lifestyle Fitness and how we work together. This means that growth is at the forefront of both what we do as a company and what we hope for our employees. 

Memphis is currently the Assistant Club Manager at Lifestyle Fitness Avon Valley and has a tremendous growth story that we wanted to highlight. Embarking on a career path often begins with small steps, and for Memphis, it started with work experience during his college days, which has led him to where he is today. 

We caught up with Memphis to delve into his journey, challenges faced, and aspirations within the fitness industry.

How did your journey start with Lifestyle Fitness?
My journey with Lifestyle began during my college years when I needed to fulfill service hours for work experience. That's when I first stepped into the fitness world.

What has been your progression route so far?
I started on a zero-hour contract as a Sales & Fitness Advisor, then gradually worked my way up to a part-time role. Eventually, an opportunity to become the Assistant Club Manager arose, and I grabbed it by the hands. It's been a journey of growth and learning every step of the way.

What is your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part is definitely interacting with members daily and helping them achieve their goals. Seeing their progress and knowing I've played a part in it is incredibly fulfilling. Plus, having Jamie, our Club Manager, as a mentor and friend both inside and outside of work adds to the experience.

Tell us about challenges you have faced and overcome with the support of the wider team.
I've faced various challenges, from supporting teaching classes to handling accidents and staff shortages. However, with the support of the team, we've managed to overcome them together, which has strengthened our bond and resilience. I have helped Jamie with the management of another club, Newbury, when we faced staff shortages, and ran the club in his stead on occasions when needed.

What is your long-term plan within the industry?
My long-term goal is to continue climbing the ranks within the company, ultimately aiming to become a Club Manager. I'm also pursuing my Personal Trainer qualifications to further assist members in reaching their goals and expanding my knowledge in different areas of fitness. I want to expand beyond just fitness, and educate on nutrition, wellness, and more.

Outside of work, tell us about your fitness journey and goals you've overcome.
Outside of work, I've always been passionate about sports. I fell in love with fitness after joining Lifestyle Fitness as a member in 2019 and discovered a passion for powerlifting. Coming first in my category at a British qualifier powerlifting competition was a significant milestone for me, and now I aspire to compete at the world championships one day.

"Memphis has shown exceptional dedication and growth during his time at Avon Valley.” Said Club Manager, Jamie. “From his initial work experience, through to his current role, his commitment to the club and passion for fitness shine through. His journey is an inspiration to us all, and I have no doubt he'll continue to thrive in his career."

Memphis is clearly an inspiration to both members and his colleagues at the club, and we look forward to supporting his growth inside and outside the club! 

To check out what Memphis and the team are up to, give them a follow on Instagram at @lsf_avonvalley

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