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V1BE is a luxury fitness brand owned and operated by Lifestyle Fitness. V1BE is Manchester’s only fitness concept offering boutique classes and a luxury gym space in one. 


Our signature treadmill-based HIIT concept, which takes place in our V1BE studio, combines intervals and strength training to give you the most efficient workout in either a 30, 45 or 60 minute class. 


V1BE classes are led by Manchester’s finest trainers, all to perfectly curated playlists that keep you motivated throughout. 


The four core V1BE concepts are a mixture of treadmill and floor based classes, with boxing drills included in our most popular class, STR1KE. We recommend a mix of all four for the most balanced workout split.



IGN1TE your body with both weighted and bodyweight exercises on the floor and short bursts of speed on the treadmill. This class will improve your strength, stamina, and speed, all in 30-60 minutes.


STR1KE combines boxing drills, strength training on the floor and short bursts of speed on the treadmills to give you V1BE’s most popular class. STR1KE is designed to improve your full body strength, endurance, and power. 


ADRENAL1NE tests your body with strength exercises using both weights and just your bodyweight to get your adrenaline pumping. No treadmills, this class… more time on the floor!


Set your glutes, legs, and core on fire in true V1BE style with BOOT1E. This class is designed to help strengthen & shape your legs and glutes with weighted, bodyweight and booty band exercises.


Most popular at lunchtime, our 30 minute classes pack a punch and come in handy if you are short on time! Our more efficient classes are denoted on the timetable with 30 after the class name.