They said what?!

Why our members love us

It’s about small continuous improvements. Little by little you get there; you just have to keep going. No matter how hard it is keep going. Yes you’re in pain, yes it hurts, but you can’t stop. You have to keep going. You have to remember why you started and constantly remind yourself why you’re putting yourself through so much. I think that applies for anything in life!

JASON - LSF Lightwater

The value for money & range of equipment is fantastic. Its spacious, clean, well maintained. There's access to staff if you need it, but its not overbearing, so if you just want to train in your own headspace it's all good too! It's the best gym I've ever been a member.

JUDITH - LSF Ballymena

There's a fantastic range of equipment for all exercises, so if someone is using a machine that I would normally use, there's always another. The Personal Trainers are always helpful the staff and other users are fantastic and helpful. I've trained in a dozen or so gyms and by far Lifestyle Fitness is the best.

ROBERT - LSF Cheshunt

Really impressed with the overall feel of the centre. Staff are friendly and approachable. There is respect between the gym users and the equipment is kept to a excellent standard.

Mohammed - LSF Middlesbrough

This is not your stereotypical gym, it's a very friendly environment and not intimidating like some gyms can be. Staff will do whatever they can to meet your training needs, as I have already experienced. There's plenty of cardio machines so your never hanging around waiting for one to become free. There's also a large range of weight machines and free weights.

SARAH - LSF Stourport