31 Mar

April & May Challenge - The 1500 Minute Club!

Lifestyle Fitness April & May challenge - Introducing The 1500 Minute Club!

Can you believe it’s nearly April already? 2022 seems to be flying and we want to keep the momentum going so you can keep on track with your fitness goals. We thought it was time for a throwback challenge - The 1500 Minute Club!

The 1500 Minute Club is a Lifestyle favourite that we ran almost every year before the pandemic, our last 1500 challenge was in 2019 (We did have one planned for April 2020…).

The aim of the challenge is to encourage our members and staff to get active for 1500 minutes over the course of two months. This can include weight training as well as cardio or doing a class. Throughout April and May, members will be encouraged to get moving and pass their progress on to our staff after each workout. Minutes will need to be recorded on your phone or fitness tracker, then shown to a member of staff. The length of activity is then tallied up over the weeks to give a final total at the end of May.

Once you hit 1500 minutes, you have completed the challenge and will be induced into The 1500 Minute Club. For your efforts, you will receive a free t-shirt as well as the pride of having exercised for a total of 25 hours in two months!

1500 minutes may sound like a long time, but we've done the maths: To stay on target, you need to average four 45 minute sessions a week. This is only slightly more than the government recommendation of 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. Since the challenge starts tomorrow (Friday 1st April) that should include at least one session this week too to get started on the right track!

We can’t wait to see your efforts over the next two months. Want some motivation to get ready for summer or looking for an added incentive to build on those healthy habits from January? This is it! Speak to your local club to get started and grab some more information.

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