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Latest Covid-19 Information

All our clubs are currently open.


Since the pandemic started in 2020, we've redefined our cleaning standards, reassessed our processes and reimagined the gym experience to keep you safe.

What does this look like? Let's find out.


We've increased our cleaning time to make sure our gyms are spotless from top to bottom. We will be supplying the teams with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as viricidal solutions and sanitisers, that kill viruses such as Covid-19 in just 60 seconds.

Our clubs will also be treated with a revolutionary new water-based anti-microbial coating.* This safe and effective technology destroys the cell membranes of viruses and bacteria on surfaces for 90 days, using revolutionary "nanospike" technology. This coating is ennvironmentally friendly, containing no VOC, heavy metals, or odor causing agents. This technology will add extra certainty that our surfaces, equipment, fingerprint readers etc. are safe for use.


Some work stations may be out of action to ensure social distancing, and floor markings will help you to keep your distance. We want everyone to enjoy a fantastic workout while feeling safe.


Our new Club Attendance Tracking System (CATS) will enable us to monitor club attendance at all times to ensure your safety. Simply check the website before setting off to the gym and view our off-peak times to make sure there is plenty of free equipment when you come to train. Some clubs may also operate a booking system for your workout.


As we re-open, we would ask you to come to the gym ready to work-out. Our toilets, showers and changing facilities are available, but coming to the gym ready will help to ensure no overcrowding.


Socially distanced group exercise? It's certainly possible. Classes may run at reduced capacity so members can keep a safe distance. Some classes may move outside at some sites, and there will be a longer break between classes so we can get everything cleaned up and refreshed before the next keen exercisers arrive.


We already positioned hand sanitiser sprays and dispensers around our clubs, but what harm would some more do? We've installed new sanitisers to make sure you never have to travel far to wipe down your equipment and hands.


Concerned about touching a fingerprint reader? We are applying NordicChem nano-spike coating within our gyms, which will ensure surfaces remain clean and disinfected for 90 days post-application. We have testing solutions to regularly ensure our fingerprint readers remain clean surfaces, and should top-ups of coating be required they will be applied.*


For added peace of mind, we've equipped our teams with new IT infrastructure to allow us to check you into the gym contact-free.

* May not be used at some partnership sites.

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What extra measures will be put in place to keep members safe?

We have made several changes as detailed above. Our cleaning has been increased, equipment moved or temporarily removed to help ensure that our members can train safely and adhere to social distancing measures. We will also implement a queue system, should the club reach capacity. We have additional hand sanitiser stations and new sanitising technology to ensure our gyms remain clean. We rely on you - the member - to assist us by regularly cleaning your hands, and cleaning your equipment before and after use.

How will you keep higher-risk members safe?

All members must continue to follow the advice of the government and national health services. This includes 'shielding' where recommended for vulnerable people, for instance those with breathing difficulties, or other medical conditions which can mean they are at higher risk as a result of Covid-19. Members who are higher risk will be able to continue to freeze their membership until ready to return, or when guidance is lifted.

How will you keep the gym clean?

We have increased the number of cleaning hours in each of our clubs, as well as invested in a stockpile of industry-leading sanitisation products and equipment including viricidal solutions that kill viruses such as Covid-19 in just 60 seconds.

Can physical activity help protect against COVID-19?

Yes, it can. Physical activity is proven to have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Excess weight is linked to increased hospitalisation with COVID-19, and gyms and leisure centres are well equipped to improve physical fitness, protecting against the effects of the virus. The COVID-19 virus is now considered 'endemic' within the community and therefore protection against it is vital.

Can you catch COVID-19 from sweat?

No, COVID-19 is not transmissible through sweat. However, if you already had the virus on your hands from contacting another surface, you could transmit it from your hands to your face when wiping sweat away. For that reason, it is vital that you make use of hand sanitiser stations and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

We have added additional sanitiser stations across our estate, and use medical-grade sanitiser products.

Are gyms higher risk than other enclosed spaces?

No. Gyms are not inherently riskier than any other enclosed, indoor area. The same social distancing, hygiene and cleanliness practices must be maintained as equally in a gym as in a pub, restaurant, or office.

According to the latest research, the main distinctions in "risk" come between 'outdoor' and 'indoor' spaces. Outdoor transmission is far lower than indoors, but the risk between gyms and any other indoor space is the same., provided measures are deployed and maintained.

How can I help to reduce the spread of infection?

Great question! First and foremost, if you believe you may have contracted COVID-19, or been in touch with anyone who has contracted it, please stay at home and comply with government guidelines. Do not attend the gym.

When in the gym, follow all guidance stringently. Wipe down your kit before and after use, maintain distance from others, wash your hands frequently. Shouting or grunting can propel droplets into the air, so please try to avoid this. If you do feel the urge to cough or sneeze, do so into the inside of your elbow. Treat your fellow gym goers with the respect you wish to be shown.

Anyone who is found to deliberately ignored guidelines may be asked to leave the gym, and their access revoked (either temporarily or permanently).

What will happen to my membership?

If your gym closes, your membership payments will be frozen until your gym re-opens. We will make adjustments to payments to reflect this - if members are owed time they had already paid for, this will be deducted from their next bill. Depending on when we re-open, some members may have a small pro-rata catch-up payment taken to bring their account up to date.

All members who do not yet feel comfortable returning, or who are currently shielding or self-isolating, will have the option to extend their frozen for a duration after re-opening.

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