The latest information regarding COVID-19.

Information on this page is liable to change at short notice.

All our clubs in England are currently open.

We aim to reopen Ballymena and Clonoe on 30th April, and Deeside on 3rd May.

Further to this, we anticipate that Manchester Ancoats will open on 17th May.


We've redefined our cleaning standards, reassessed our processes and reimagined the gym experience to keep you safe in the new normal.

What does this look like? Let's find out.


We've increased our cleaning time to make sure our gyms are spotless from top to bottom. We will be supplying the teams with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as viricidal solutions and sanitisers, that kill viruses such as Covid-19 in just 60 seconds.

Our clubs will also be treated with a revolutionary new water-based anti-microbial coating.* This safe and effective technology destroys the cell membranes of viruses and bacteria on surfaces for 90 days, using revolutionary "nanospike" technology. This coating is ennvironmentally friendly, containing no VOC, heavy metals, or odor causing agents. This technology will add extra certainty that our surfaces, equipment, fingerprint readers etc. are safe for use.


Some work stations may be out of action to ensure social distancing, and floor markings will help you to keep your distance. We want everyone to enjoy a fantastic workout while feeling safe.


Our new Club Attendance Tracking System (CATS) will enable us to monitor club attendance at all times to ensure your safety. Simply check the website before setting off to the gym and view our off-peak times to make sure there is plenty of free equipment when you come to train. Some clubs may also operate a booking system for your workout.


As we re-open, we would ask you to come to the gym ready to work-out. Our toilets, showers and changing facilities are available. Saunas and steam rooms are not yet able to reopen.


Socially distanced group exercise? It's certainly possible. Classes may run at reduced capacity so members can keep a safe distance. Some classes may move outside at some sites, and there will be a longer break between classes so we can get everything cleaned up and refreshed before the next keen exercisers arrive.


We already positioned hand sanitiser sprays and dispensers around our clubs, but what harm would some more do? We've installed new sanitisers to make sure you never have to travel far to wipe down your equipment and hands.


Concerned about touching a fingerprint reader? We are applying NordicChem nano-spike coating within our gyms, which will ensure surfaces remain clean and disinfected for 90 days post-application. We have testing solutions to regularly ensure our fingerprint readers remain clean surfaces, and should top-ups of coating be required they will be applied.


For added peace of mind, we've equipped our teams with new IT infrastructure to allow us to check you into the gym contact-free.

* May not be used at some partnership sites.

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*Please note: exact facilities and instructions may vary club-by-club, depending on the guidance of government, local authorities and partnership sites.

Coronavirus Information FAQs

We've worked in partnership with UK Active to ensure that our reponse to recent events goes above and beyond.

We know the gym is a source of great relief, happiness and fun for millions of people across the UK. It might look a little different for now, but together we can workout towards a brighter future.

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