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Quick tips for cleaning the kit

06th October 2020

This might come as an inconvenience to some, but as we are in a worldwide pandemic, it's more vital than ever to keep the kit clean. 

We’re in the “new normal” for the foreseeable future, so we've detailed some handy tips on how to clean the kit and keep yourself safe in the gym.

Wash your hands 

As soon as you enter the gym make sure you’re washing and sanitising your hands as regularly as possible. We have numerous sanitisation stations situated around the gym for you to use. 

Wipe down machines before and after use

This ensures your exercise space is not only safe for you, but for others. We encourage all of our gym members to follow this procedure:

  1. Use the antibacterial spray and the paper towels available around the gym to help to clean down the machines. 
  2. Make sure you spray plenty of product onto the paper towel instead of the machines - as it could push anything sitting on the surface into the air.

Avoid using sweat towels

Please do not bring your own sweat towels into the gym, this will help prevent the spread of germs from outside the gym.

Clean the main touch points of equipment

Make sure to clean the equipment handles, seats, adjustment points, any buttons pressed and anything similar that has been touched the most.

Give time for the equipment to dry 

Allow time for the cleaning product to dry and work on the equipment, we suggest around 30 seconds.

Remember to clean underneath your phone and water bottle

If your phone or water bottle has been rested on the equipment or any space in the gym, make sure to give these a wipe over so they don’t carry any germs.

Bin towels

Please discard any used towels in the bins provided and leave the gym floor tidy.

No touching

After wiping down the machines, please make sure not to touch the cleaned areas, as this may cause germs to spread.