Earn While You Burn

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Our Earn While You Burn programme is open to all our regular members (see terms and conditions below)

We're not asking you to make dramatic lifestyle changes or live on a diet of lettuce leaves to get the results you want. This is healthy living on your terms so why not sign up today... how much have you got to lose?

*Terms and Conditions apply.
Up to £45.00 - available to new and existing members, (no casual or pay per visit). The national recommendation for weight loss is no more than 2 pounds per week. 1kg: £0 - 2kg: £1 - 3kg: £3 - 4kg: £6 - 5kg: £10 (anything £10 or below will be paid in leisure wear vouchers) 6kg: £15 - 7kg: £21 - 8kg: £28 - 9kg: £36 - 10kg: £45. Offer available at participating clubs only.

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