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Martin Oddie

"I have been a member here now for just over a year, in this time my confidence has grown and I have achieved my ideal weight. I enjoy coming to the gym now and look forward to the expertly run classes.

The gym is very well run and the staff are very friendly and professional, nothing is too much trouble and they are always on hand to give you expert advice.

I have recommended this gym to lots of my friends and family and will continue to do so. The equipment is excellent, the gym is always clean and maintained and it continues to be excellent value for money."

Sam Balmer

Looking back at myself at secondary school you would have never thought I’d be a personal trainer now. I was very out of shape, never took part in P.E, ate badly, had sweets and chocolate every day and had 2 litre of pop per day. Then at the age of 20 I had an accident where I suffered a brain injury.


 I spent a few years drifting, doing nothing and struggling, when my friend asked if I wanted to join the gym and train with him. I was amazed at the effect it had on me, I felt better, started to feel more confident and that’s when my passion for fitness started. It was more than just a physical thing though I found it was a way to get the anger out and it gave my life structure and discipline.


Not long after starting training I started going to Second Chance, a brain injury rehabilitation centre to help with the cognitive side of my injury but I found myself working out there and even assisting some of the members who were struggling. This was my lightbulb moment, I had always wanted to help people but never knew how until that moment.


Once I had decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer I worked with the occupational therapist to help me pre-study so I would feel confident during the course. I also began volunteering at Sun Lane Leisure Centre to give myself the practical experience I felt I needed to help me learn.

Once I felt comfortable I started my level 1 and 2 at Wakefield college. Then it was onto my level 3 which would allow me to be a personal trainer.


Still volunteering I started my level 3 at Leeds City College which was a very daunting task for me because my anxiety about getting there and back was huge. But after awhile I was able to overcome this and pass my level 3.


Now I am a fully qualified personal trainer and I’m coaching others who were once in the same position as me.  It’s very rewarding to help guide people back to confidence. Through the tough times I’ve experienced, I do feel I am an example that anything is possible

Nick Hunter

"I would like to take this opportunity to Praise one of your PT's Adam Conway, as you will see by email below.

His support / assistance / motivation / help over the last couple months has been absolutely superb, nothing has ever been too much hassle, even when I injured myself out side of Gym, Adam took the time to work around this and strengthen the area so it wouldn't happen again. He has helped with my diet also, which has made the massive difference.

I just feel Adam deserves a massive thanks from me -  I will not hesitate in recommending Adam to anyone who wants any form of assistance."

Sharon Kerr

I love going to Lifestyle Fitness Hartlepool, especially the classes Zumba, Pilates, Aero-tone and yoga.

Having not done anything for a long time the instructors/trainers are excellent they give you the time and patience to get back into keep fit.

Thank You for the help and support that you give us all.

John Stewart

There's plenty of machines and weights to go around so no waiting to use them, the atmosphere is great everyone is really friendly and you feel like you can approach them, the trainers are amazing. I have started personal training sessions and couldn't recommend them enough to people. I can’t wait for the plans to be complete very impressed.

Sarah Howells

This is not your stereotypical gym, it's a very friendly environment and not intimidating like some gyms can be. Staff will do whatever they can to meet your training needs, as I have already experienced

There's plenty of cardio machines so your never hanging around waiting for one to become free. Theres also a large range of weight machines and free weights.The ways its looking once the refurbishment is done it should be a very impressive gym.

Linda Walby

I just wanted to say how glad I am that I made the decision to Join Lifestyle Fitness. It was a rash decision made in December before the club opened (and with the prior knowledge that I had joined gyms before with little success). Now, with only 4.5 months' training under my belt, I am 1.5 stones lighter and am already twice as fit...actually probably more! I visit 6 times a week - and I am a 42 year old who 'didn't like gyms' previously.

The main difference for me is finding an amazing personal trainer, Rumer Morley. The encouragement, dedication, vitality, knowledge and zest for life that she has is amazing and truly infectious. She makes each session count, always prepares what she wants me to achieve and focuses 100% throughout each session. I actually look forward to our session at 7am on Tuesday morning (which is a bit bizarre as she really does work me hard!!). I push myself more because I want her to see my progress. I suppose that is the secret of a good coach, the ability to lead and inspire. I would, and do, recommend her to anyone.

I also love the gym itself. All the team are happy and friendly and the environment is not intimidating in the slightest. There is a diverse range of equipment which is almost as diverse as the client base - old, young, super-fit and those of us striving to be the best we can be, all getting along just fine side-by-side.

So, thank-you for creating this environment which is making a difference to so many people. Today I realised that, although I love the external results I am seeing, its the inside changes that are the more impressive; I am happier, more motivated and am enjoying the challenge.

John Morley

Can I just say what a refreshing change it is to be a member of a gym that just gets on a does what a gym should - aim to get you fitter, stronger and enjoy it in the process.  The team you have, which pretty much makes a gym, is brilliant.  There are no hidden agendas, no cliques, no snide remarks or whispers in a corner - a totally refreshing change to the gyms that I have previously visited and recently moved from.  You need to give yourself and the team a huge pat on the back for not only making us newbies to lifestyle feel welcome, making sure you’re existing members feel good too - which I believe is the case.  I’m not the only one to comment on this, it is a source of discussion from the guys that have recently moved to Lifestyle Fitness.  I am really impressed with the calibre of all the classes I’ve attended too and the way the guys do not sulk off upstairs or into an office when not PT’ing or running classes, but are on hand in the main area.  You actually feel you can ask for help or just have a 5 min chat with them.  So a big thank you to yourself (which is great to see around lots and in classes) and the team you have, please share this with them.

Its only been a couple of months for me, but please don’t change the formula you have, its working!