They said what?!

Jason Hensley McDonald, a member of Lifestyle Fitness Manchester, has lost an unbelievable 21 stone in just two years.  Here’s what he had to say:

“I joined Lifestyle Fitness in Manchester when it first opened but never went. I'm sure many people can relate to paying every month for a gym membership that never gets used. I eventually started taking my diet, exercise and general lifestyle seriously on the 17th February 2014.  In the first year I lost 14stone, in year 2 so far I have lost a further 7 stone. At my biggest I had a 70 inch waist, now it’s 36 inches. When I started at Lifestyle Fitness I was massive. I couldn't walk very far before my back would seize up and I would be in absolute agony but I just had to stick with it. My workout routine was simple - I split my sessions in half. Half weights, half cardio. I didn’t follow any programme; I just stuck to the basics - lifted some weights and walked on the treadmill. I walked on the treadmill for as long as I could every session. When I first started it was 5/10 min before I couldn't do anymore, then eventually it got longer and longer, the pace got faster, the incline got steeper and now I will run for over an hour no problem. I did Manchester 10K last year and I intend to do it again this year.

It’s about small continuous improvements. Little by little you get there; you just have to keep going. No matter how hard it is keep going. Yes you're in pain, yes it hurts, but you can't stop. You have to keep going. You have to remember why you started and constantly remind yourself why you're putting yourself through so much. I think that applies for anything in life!

When I look back at where I have come from and where I am now, I feel proud above anything. Proud of myself. Losing weight as cliché as it sounds has helped me gain confidence, pride and happiness which all lead to me finding the girl of my dreams. I didn’t realise how much everything is made harder by being overweight. My life is completely different now, everything is so much easier. I wanted to prove to myself I had the will power and motivation to turn my life around, it was a challenge I set myself. I thought if I can do this by myself then I can do anything.

If I may I would like to give a special mention to the personal trainer John in the Manchester branch. Even though he has never trained me he has ALWAYS been more than willing to help me the past year or so. He has given up his time to chat over a few ideas with me and give me little pointers to help me. He has helped me a lot. I would also like to thank the members of Lifestyle Fitness Manchester. People have this stigma of a gym that its full of muscle men who intimidate new members or stare and make people feel uncomfortable and inferior. That’s not been my experience at all. In my experience people have ALWAYS been very encouraging. Complete strangers came up to me when I first started and told me to stick with it and to motivate me.”

Jason Hensley McDonald
Lifestyle Fitness Manchester

"I have set several goals. Losing weight was my first goal for 2015. I used the cross trainer and stepping stairs machine a lot, I have recently gained the confidence of running too and ran my first 5k on the treadmill a few months ago!

Its all a lifestyle change now. When I'm not at the gym I countdown until I'm next going! I also had to change the way I looked at food. This included healthy eating, counting calories, lowering bad carbs, upping protein but still allowing treats.

Weight loss is so hard at the beginning but so rewarding. My goal is to tone up in 2016. It'll be a total different thing for me because I'm used to just doing cardio. I can never go back to how I used to be now, I've never felt better about myself."

Kelly Glass
Lifestyle Fitness Carlisle

"I feel great, I have lost 4 & a half stone in just 5 months at the gym. I go to the gym and do my own workouts 3 times a week and do 3 classes a week. I feel more confident as a person but most importantly to me I feel healthier and fitter, along side with a great eating plan I seem to be achieving weight loss I never ever thought I would. I have battled with my weight my entire life & never seem to lose the weight. I would always lose and little then pile it back on, but I really feel this time is different and I am so happy and proud of how far I have come. I still have a long way to go but I am definitely getting closer."

We asked Rebecca what exercise she does each week;

"I do 1 hour cardio and about 25 mins weights, and 3 sets of 20 sit ups everyday at home. In the gym I do 15 mins on the stepper at level 8, 15 mins on the treadmill at 5.5 speed and 8% incline (no holding on) 10 mins rower, 10 mins on the arm machine and 10 mins cross trainer, I just work my arms and legs on the weights."

Rebecca Simms
Lifestyle Fitness Birmingham Hagley Road West

I would like to express my thoughts on two personal trainers that, of course, on a personal level I like and every time I come to the gym they are friendly and always make me smile.

Liam is a hard worker and whenever he does the cleaning he does a thorough job, and takes pride in his work. He is always pleasant to me and a lovely young man.

Nathan is also a lovely person and, as we know “man of steel”, his fitness amazes me. But what is lovely – he is not arrogant with it, none of the other personal trainers are, which is refreshing to see.

Last but not least is Lee, he is so welcoming, encouraging and always gives me the time of the day.

Exercise is not easy for me but coming to Lifestyle Fitness is a real pleasure.

Thank you to all the staff and management - I'm a very happy member!

In fact all the personal trainers are lovely, Seb, Andy, Andrea etc and the teachers Jean and Dawn!

Basia Harrison
Lifestyle Fitness Hartlepool

I just wanted to say that Ben Ducker has been amazing as my personal trainer. I was initially very unsure about attending a gym due to my disability (Polio) I thought that I would be very restricted in what I can do. Ben's response of why not when I kept saying I can't do that initially floored me because I thought he didn't understand but he quickly reassured me he did and expalined every step of the way how we could do it. I feel brilliant and am now in a lot less pain as he has worked to get bits of me moving that I didn't know I could move.

I have made so much progress I have rebooked his time for the next three months and can't wait to see what hapens next.


Lifestyle Fitness Consett Leisure Centre

At my heaviest I was 19 stone - the challenges were not even being able to walk without stopping to catch my breath. Looking in the mirror at myself getting bigger and feeling how am I ever going to lose this now.

Being a 'big mum' to Elliott and worrying I will lose my boyfriend Zac was my motivation to start on my fitness challenge!

  • I can now chase my little boy Elliott around the garden and not feel out of breath
  • When I go out with friends I am no longer the 'fat one'
  • I can run 10k and I'm so so proud of that

The enjoyment I get from exercising and feeling that buzz is just amazing!

I have been a member of Lifestyle Fitness Stoke for just over a year and have achieved amazing results - thank you, thank you, thank you...

Abbey Blackburn
Lifestyle Fitness Stoke

I joined Lifestyle Fitness Burnley and met Rumer (Personal Trainer) in January.

I was very unhappy and overweight having piled on 2 stone in 12 months.

Rumer showed me that dieting / fad diets weren't the way forward and instead a lifestyle change was. I now love the gym! - especially weight training - deadlifts, squats etc. which I would have never have dreamed of doing before.

I still have a way to go but that 2 stone is back off! - and I am so much happier and more comfortable in myself.

I would definitely recommend Lifestyle Fitness Burnley and of course Rumers Personal Training. There's so many things I've learnt about myself and my training and it really has been a lifestyle change.

I couldn't of done it without Rumer x

Liz Fleming
Lifestyle Fitness Burnley

"Just thought I’d take the time to send you some positive feedback on behalf of myself and a few of the girls I was chatting to after the Real Rider class this morning.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it and could definitely feel the difference in a full body workout, I think this was also due to the fact that Tess was taking the class on a Real Rider bike and her instructions were clear and concise and the structure of the class and music were excellent and perfectly suited the Real Riders.

Please pass on the positive feedback to Tess - Have a great day."

Maxine Miller
Lifestyle Fitness Manchester