Refer a Friend

Bring a friend and train together!

We’re firm believers in the motto ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’. Introduce someone you know to Lifestyle Fitness and see how far you can push each other to reach your goals!

Benefits of training with a partner include:

GETTING TO THE GYM - as silly as this sounds, we all make excuses up why we shouldn't go to the gym but training with a friend means you can push each other to go!

SETTING AND REACHING GOALS - This way you can set each other goals and motivate each other to reach them!

SPOTTING - Lifting weights can be both daunting and dangerous if they arent used correctly. Having a partner to train with means they can spot you when you're lifting these heavy weights and prevent any injuries!

YOUR WORKOUTS WILL BE MORE FUN - You can try new exercises with each other or even try a new class together!

COMPETITION - having a small competition will help you perform better!

SUPPORT - Having someone to support you is a great reason to train with someone, they can help you feel better on your low days or celebrate when you are making progress!

You can use the form below to refer a friend to Lifestyle Fitness, we'll process the request and contact you with follow-up details.