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Your Holiday Cheat Sheet

04th July 2016

How to stay healthy when you are on holiday.
So your Summer holiday is around the corner, and you're quite rightly looking forward to some well-earned sun, sand and sight-seeing, packed in alongside a cocktail or two and some tasty local cuisine. But wait - how do you stay healthy whilst reclining on a comfy sunbed? Take a look at these top tips for maintaining holiday health.

Keep up the exercise
Did you know that 74% of people, even some of the most hardy fitness souls on the planet, completely forget their fitness routine when they go on a Summer break? That's madness, and can leave you way clamouring for parity when you return. Scheduling some quality exercise in line with your 'home' routine will make all the difference.

Stuck for time? High Intensity Interval Training is a great way of packing quality exercise into twenty or thirty minutes.

Drink lots of water
Crisping out on a sunbed is many people's idea of heaven, and whilst it might be the ultimate way to relax, it can have obvious negative effects on your health. It is imperative to stay hydrated in warm climates, and whilst it may be tempting, that doesn't mean ordering an 11AM cocktail!

Freeze a bottle of water overnight and keep it handy to top up your fluids.

Sample local food
Staying away from the all-inclusive buffet of trans-fats can be a challenge when it all smells so good, so one way of doing so is to seek out a local food market, which is bound to have a number of tasty organic and low-fat delicacies for you to get your tastebuds around without the guilt.

Remember - rest and refresh.
Your holiday is your downtime, and whilst it is important to keep an eye on what you're doing on your getaway, it's equally important to allow both your body and mind to recharge their batteries. If you train every day back home and you fancy a day off, allow yourself! One lie-in on the Costa del Sol isn't going to set you back a jot.

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