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Why We Need Water

14th September 2017

We know you're probably becoming tired of hearing it, but dehydration affects us! Every cell in your body needs water to survive. Approximately 60%-70% of your body is made of water. Knowing this, you can understand that water is involved in almost every bodily function from moving your arms to digestion. Below are the effects of Dehydration and why you should aim to drink 4 pints per day.

0.5% DEHYDRATION = Increased strain on the heart kicks in.Water

1% DEHYDRATION = Reduced aerobic endurance ability and performance

3% DEHYDRATION = Reduced muscular endurance

4% DEHYDRATION = Reduced muscle strength, heat cramps and nervous system motor function

5% DEHYDRATION = Heat exhaustion, cramping, fatigue, reduced mental capacity

6% DEHYDRATION = Physical exhaustion, heatstroke, coma


TWO EASY TESTS (even though they are a bit odd).

If your pee is golden coloured, get drinking.

If your lips are dry, get drinking.

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