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Which will it be: to get fit, or to quit?

10th January 2019

Being fixated on eating right and getting to the gym is the case for a lot of us in January. However, studies have shown this is most likely to change the further we go into the month. Today monumentally marks the day New Year fitness fanatics are most likely to give up on their planned January fitness blitz.

How do we know this?

Research conducted by Strava, the social network predominantly for athletes, concludes that the second Friday in January is the critical day when your drive may begin to decline.

This is determined by an analysis of over 31.5 million global January activities – cycles to work, jogs, dog walks, swims, and other good intentions made real. As a result, categorising today, January 11th 2019,  as ‘’Quitters Day’’.

Why does this happen?

Why do so many of us fail to commit to our New Year’s fitness resolutions?

Gareth Mills, country manager for Strava in the UK, states ‘Sticking to resolutions is hard, and we all know there’s a lot of talk and pressure in January about getting fitter and being healthier.’ It can be noted that a decline in fitness activity after the first few weeks is instigated by loss of interest - leading to a continuous lack of enthusiasm.

New Year, New Motivation

Based on data from Strava, we’ve put together 5 top tips to ensure you don’t hit that mid-January slump.

1.       Set a goal - It’s recorded that people who set a goal in January to take part in a race later in the year, 92% of them were still active 10 months later

2.       Find a workout buddy - Acquiring a friend to workout with can gain a 22% increase in motivation. If you can’t motivate yourself, a friend can push you to be better

3.       Join a club – This can increase fitness engagement by 46%. Lifestyle Fitness have high quality gyms located across the UK and Ireland, fitted with premium equipment. Try one of our clubs for FREE, grab your day pass here -  https://bit.ly/2RC7Qjo

4.       Become a morning person – Statistics show that 43% of people are more consistent in their workouts if they choose to go to the gym on a morning. This starts the day off healthily which will contribute towards a positive mental attitude for the rest of the day

5.       Start commuting – It’s discovered that 43% of commuters tend to engage in more weekend activities. The more you engage in physical activity, the less likely you are to drop off. If you can walk or bike to work, try that and see if you notice a difference!

Most importantly… don’t give up

We all struggle to find our get-up-and-go sometimes and that’s OK! If you can feel yourself slumping there’s still time to mend things, you could even start off by having a chat with a member of staff in your local LSF club to see what they can do.