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31st July 2018

Gym enthusiasts will always have their favourite time of day to workout. But it may be possible that you can get more out of your workout at a different time. 

There is a lot of research to suggests benefits for both working out in the morning and the evening.

So we took a look at which time of the day would be the most effective to workout...


Some research suggests that it’s best to sweat it out early in the morning on an empty stomach to help speed weight loss and boost energy levels.

The main reasons for this happening are because:

-low blood sugar levels force the body to look for other energy sources, so it starts converting fat from the reserves to fuel.

-some hormones that accelerate fad burning (like cortisol) are at high levels in the morning.

Exercise increases your heart rate and body temperature. That means that late night sweat sessions could be hindering your ability to get some shut-eye. Studies have shown that working out at 7am, compared to later in the afternoon or evening, may help individuals get more quality sleep at night.

Also, one study found that 45 minutes of moderate morning exercise (like walking briskly on the treadmill) can help curb appetite directly after working out, helping to avoid binging throughout the day.


Exercising before breakfast may result in workouts being less intense, since your energy levels are low.

Research by Dr Gladys Pearson suggests that working out in the evening can increase your physical capacity by between 8-30% hence making you stronger. The body produces more testosterone during late afternoon resistance training than it does during morning workouts.

While also in the afternoon and evening, your reaction time is at its quickest, which is important for exercises like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or speed work on the treadmill. The late afternoon is also the time when your heart rate and blood pressure are lowest, which decreases your chance of injury while improving performance.

While many experts say evening workouts raise your body temperature, which can interfere with sleep, one study found people who lifted weights in the evenings had longer, better quality sleep than those who lifted weights in the morning.


Ultimately you should choose when your best time to workout is. Everyone is different and therefore everyone motivates themselves differently.

It would be pointless forcing yourself to get up at the crack of dawn and go and workout before a long shift at work, if this doesn’t motivate you. You will end up not doing the best workout that you can. Similarly, if you find yourself often tired and unmotivated to go to the gym after work, a morning workout may be more effective for you.

Having a specific time of the week that you can dedicate to working out and sticking to this with the most effective way of ensuring that you stick to a fitness plan long term.