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We’re supporting ‘Healthy Eating Week’

06th June 2019


Lifestyle Fitness are taking part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week between the 10-14th June. Its purpose is to urge organisations across the UK to emphasize healthy eating, drinking and physical activity in the workplace.

Healthy Eating Week will focus on five main health challenges; having breakfast, eating 5-a-day, drinking plenty of fluids, being active and the importance of sleeping well.

Why is healthy living so important?

Promoting healthy living in the workplace is not only beneficial to employees but employers too!

Statistics from the British Nutrition Foundation state that approximately 131 million working days are lost due to sickness absence and 200,000 working days are lost due to insufficient sleep in the UK each year. Statistics also show that roughly 1 in 6 employees in the UK currently experience mental health problems.

The benefits for employees are also countless, including enhanced health and wellbeing, improved self-esteem and heightened job satisfaction.

How do I register?

There’s still time to register for the Healthy Eating Week 2019! It’s quick, simple and free – it gives you access to some exclusive free resources (posters, factsheets, videos, quizzes) to support your week.

Just remember to use #BNFHEW19 to show your involvement!

What are we doing?

We will be promoting the five health challenges in clubs through an Open Week between the 10th to 14th of June – for you to access our facilities for free.

During our Open Week, clubs will additionally be handing out free fruit, water bottles and running tailored workshops. So, make sure you grab a free Day Pass!

Furthermore, keep an eye out on our main social pages for tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle!