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Wembley Member Transforms Her Body

24th July 2017

Tashma Brown...

I have being training for years and seeing no results, each day battling to make a difference with my training programme and eating, I used to train at Fitness First in Wembley, and then one day spotted Lifestyle Fitness back in December 2014. I was shown around the club, and immediately knew this is where I wanted to train! The person showing me around reassured me that this is the place to feel inspired. The knowledge of the team, as well as the equipment!

I signed up immediately and was back in the next day, baggy t-shirts and joggers as I felt so self-conscious.

After a few weeks of getting to know the club, started to attend cycling class’s and group classes! Working to my own routine. I have made some great friends in the club with other members and staff at the club, for me it is my place to get away from day to day life and have me time.

I then got to know the personal trainers at the club and started to train with Gus Allieu who took me on my journey of knowledge! I was overweight eating the right things but not training regimentally or any particular pattern. Gus took me under his wing and now I am flying high, feeling amazing! I get some amazing comments from family and friends. I made the right choice to walk into Lifestyle Fitness Wembley the cold December back 2014. WILL NOT LOOK BACK, always forward. If you want a great friendly gym this is the place to be.



Tashma Brown transformation in the eyes of Gus Allieu...

I have known Tashma from when she was a member at Fitness First attending classes.

I built a trust with Tashma, then when I met her again at Lifestyle Fitness, she spoke with myself regarding personal training, and that’s where the journey began.

She was training hard, and diet inconsistent. See no results.

After a month of training with myself she started to see results which drove her better herself.

I structured her eating plan around her training programme and saw Tashma coming 6 times a week rather than the odd 2-3 days a week.

Initial she did not want to train weights as she thought this was male orientated and did not want to look like a bodybuilder, I managed to show her that by weight training, she could look amazing and not look like a bodybuilder. She knows has a understanding of utilising weights in her training programme. And includes cardio still within her training.

She had all the excuses, a single mum working full time, that did not stop her making the time once she saw the results.

The moral of the story is……. The journey of a 1000 miles comes with a single step. If you don’t start you won’t see a difference. You can’t change time, but you can influence your priorities.

Gus Allieu Personal Trainer Lifestyle Fitness Wembley