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Hartlepool Member Shares Her Huge Weight Loss

19th April 2017

Our Hartlepool PT, Andy Turner shares his client's story and how she completely transformed her body through training commitements and diet change.

What a fantastic time this has been with an absolutely inspirational and genuine person. From day one with sitting down with Julia I knew she was going to change in a big way.

To achieve something like this its not only as simple as diet and training. We need to change a lot of habits that got us there in the first place otherwise we will just go back to where we once where. There has been plenty of learning and coaching in this journey which is the upmost of importance to myself. There is no good or bad food just a time and a place!

Julia is eating more than she ever did she has had holidays and a fantastic Christmas, with a relaxed controlled approach to nutrition and social occasions, this has been throughout the process.

Words cannot describe how happy and proud I am of you Julia. You have thrown yourself at this and gave it everything you have.  You haven't been lazy when it comes to learning and training you have pushed to understand the process and habits we have now formed for a lifetime. Its now time for you to apply all we have done together for your AFTER photos which I for one cannot wait to see. Same applies as the start, before you know it you will be there. I have so much respect for what you have done and will continue to do. You really are a fantastic person and a true friend your future is now yours you shape!

Julia's story: "This time last year I was stuck in a rut and wasn’t happy with myself and how I looked. Being bubbly and confident I put a brave face on and plodded on but it got to a point where I knew something needed to change. I had tried and failed many times before to lose weight but always wanted a quick fix and see overnight results. I always felt tired and I had lost a bit of my sparkle. I would kid myself into thinking I wasn’t as big as I actually was by buying clothes way too small for me and hiding behind people in photos so I didn’t look as huge. I used to be very active when I was younger and enjoyed exercising but I started to get lazy and made excuses for myself all the time. My portion sizes where ridiculous and I had no idea how bad my diet was so over the years my weight continued to creep up until I tipped the scale at a huge 17st. I could not believe it. I was mortified at what the scales where telling me. It was a huge wakeup call which gave me the realisation that I needed to take action and do something. 

What made me approach Andy in the first place was seeing his own incredible transformation. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the photos from his first competition. What he achieved seemed almost impossible to me but obviously he done it which made me think if he can do it, then why can’t I? The journey he has been on is immense and one of pure inspiration, so this time last year I sent him a message asking for help. After my first meeting with Andy a light bulb went off in my head and I left feeling so determined and ready for the journey ahead which I knew wouldn’t be an easy one. He had all the faith in me from the get go that I would get to where I wanted to be and assured me he would be there every step of the way, which he was and still is.

I remember him saying before you know it will be 12 months down the line and you won’t believe how quickly time will have passed. And boy he wasn’t wrong this past year has flew over and looking back on what I have achieved in that time is beyond crazy and at one point I’d of thought impossible. But here I am 5st lighter, from a size 20 bottoms to a 12 and so much happier. The diet was a doddle I enjoyed eating clean and when I seen the results speak for themselves on the scales it was so easy to stick to. My motivation and determination was through the roof and I finally realised it was a marathon not a sprint. With the help of Andy’s vast knowledge on nutrition and everything else I learnt so much about everything. I am now disciplined with food and understand what is good and bad for my body and have made my eating choices habitual. There is a time and place for all food its just choosing the right time. I looked forward to every PT session, I always pushed myself to the limit and challenge myself week on week to better my last performance. 6 weeks down the line and I could feel my fitness level improving and see my body changing. I’ve found a love for weight lifting and running. I love upping the weights and setting myself new goals I’ve found having something to always work towards keeps me going.  Therefore I have arranged to see Andy again in July as I have set a new goal to lose a further stone and aim to get my body fat percentage down to 14% (I’m currently at 20.03% down from 48%!).

This whole experience has taught me I can do anything if I put my mind to it and nothing is impossible. I have truly made a friend for life in Andy and can't ever express in words just how much he has helped me as a person and changed my whole outlook on life. He has been my life guru and listened, helped and advised where he has needed to. When I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere he would help get me back into the zone again, I was never off track for long. All the advice shared will never leave me and this healthy lifestyle is here to stay! So the biggest thank-you is the least Andy deserves your worth your weight in gold and couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone who is wanting to make a change, he will honestly bring the best out in you and help you achieve things you may once thought impossible."