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Upcoming Trends 2019

07th February 2019

We have selected four of our favourite upcoming trends that you will have already seen in 2018 and will continue to see this year. These range from plant-based burgers to orange wine, so there’s something here for everyone. Try these trends out for yourself if you already haven’t!

Veganism takes centre stage

It’s prevalent there’s mixed emotions in society when it comes to the topic of veganism. Not anymore. Since the launch of the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll, banning animal products and by-products is more mainstream than ever.

Out with the red and white, in with the orange

Orange wines aren’t categorised like red or white. The zesty colour occurs due to it being a white wine produced like a red wine. It appears as a type of “skin-contact” wine, as the juice is fermented with the grape skins. Although wine has existed for centuries, drinkers are now just discovering an appreciation for the zest. How do we know? Well, even Aldi have jumped on the bandwagon – who launched their Orange Natural Wine last year.

No Added Sugar

The FDA has declared big-name manufacturers only have until 2020 to change the way they present sugar on food labels, but it appears movements are already under way. Previously it was identified that all sugar was bad – even the naturally occurring stuff in fruit and vegetables. Now, companies must define how much sugar has been added to their goods causing brands to rethink their sugar intake in drinks. Nestle and Pepsi, are two of the companies decreasing added sugar in their products - this will come in handy for all you gym blitzers.

We're Going Plastic-Free

Plastic straws were a common debate of 2018 and it’s going to continue well into 2019. Disney is predicted to scrap single-use plastic straws this year, shortly followed by Starbucks and McDonald’s. This is just the start, the majority of companies are making the change and you’ll see more eco-friendly wrappers and boxes this year.