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Middlesbrough Client Transforms His Daily Life

02nd May 2017

This may not be our typical transformation story but everyone has their own fitness journey and goals and sometimes it is just about the quality of life. Joe Ayre, one of our Middlesbrough PT's, shares his clients story: 

"Jim came to me in January as a referral from his wife who I had trained for some time.

Jim had two knee operations last year, the most recent being late 2016.

He could barely bend at the knee and had practically no stability. He had a lot of pain when walking for long periods of time, and day to day life was a struggle.

We took an approach of foam rolling, stretching and strengthening the necessary muscles needed to rehabilitate Jim.

Within 4 weeks Jim went on a skiing trip and has since been on another skiing trip and regularly goes walking 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours at a time. Something that was impossible at the turn of 2017.

Working in the gym, and making time at home to work on his exercises, Jim has completely recovered from what could have been a debilitating condition.

Well done Jim, next stop pull ups and barbell squats!"

Incredible progress, keep up the great work!