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#Transformation Tuesday

11th January 2016

“It's #TransformationTuesday! We like to share a variety of inspiring journeys, and today is no different - we are amazingly proud of one of our very own PT's, Sarah Pustkowski from Lifestyle Fitness Stoke.

Sarah has overcome a 5 year battle against anorexia resulting in a career she loves as a personal trainer! Sarah's weight dropped to a tiny 5st 11lb from surviving on just 400 calories a day during her late teens. She was bedridden for a month and couldn't stand up without collapsing. At age 16, 5ft 5in Sarah was hospitalised involuntarily for six months as her parents desperately tried to get through to her.

"I spent a lot of my later teenage years bedridden – I would collapse whenever I tried to stand, even when I got up in the night to go to the bathroom I would end up on the floor. I couldn't sit down without a cushion underneath me and it was difficult to sleep at night – my bones were poking out of my skin, it was so painful. I was always fatigued, my hair was brittle and fell out all the time, and I was constantly cold – even in the 20 degree summer heat I would sit with a hot water bottle and blanket. My family were devastated and begged me to get better, but I was constantly focused on control."

Sarah was hospitalised a second time which is when she finally began to regain her life back - "Eventually I realised I had to get better for my family – and I was the only one who could save me.”

After beating the illness, Sarah began learning more about fitness and nutrition as she was determined to help others. She is now a fit and healthy 8st 10lb, a fantastic personal trainer as well as an inspiring blogger on instagram '@growingbutterfly' - which you can go and follow to observe her continuing fitness journey.

"I wouldn't wish anorexia on anyone but in a way I'm thankful for it – it's made me realise how strong I am. Now my diet is full of amazing foods – I've grown to love food again, and appreciate what it does for my body."

Sarah hopes to raise awareness and help others who are suffering from eating disorders - we are immensely proud of her and are over the moon for her to be a part of one of our clubs. Well done Sarah!”