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Hartlepool Member Drops A Huge 7 Stone!

21st February 2017

Joanne shares her amazing transformation story, not only has she lost 7 stone, she has boosted her confidence and she now competes in Powerlifting competitions…

“My name is Joanne I'm 36, married with 2 wonderful children and I work as a primary school teacher. I started my fitness journey around 3 and a half years ago joining Lifestyle Fitness in Hartlepool, what a fantastic gym I must say.


When I first joined lifestyle fitness, my confidence was low and my mindset was never in the best place. My weight was a big issue for me as I reached my highest point of 21 stone. I suffered from terrible back pain due to 4 fused facade joints of the lower spine, I had an eating disorder and suffered with levels of depression. I felt I was caught in a downward spiral.

I started my exercising with a lot of low impact cardio; treadmills, bike and things were looking pretty good. I felt I found a new hobby in exercising however the gym can be a very confusing place and I found myself doing the same things every time and the progress I was making were good but small margins. I soon decided I wanted a personal trainer to really help my progress and push me toward my goal of losing weight.

I started personal training with Jason Elliott and I have now been a client of his for 3 years and what an amazing journey it has been, the knowledge and the help from this guy really pushed me to do and achieve things I could never imagine. His patients and his understanding helped me set new goals, changed my outlook, enjoy nutrition and it helped me motivate myself to want more out of exercising.

With being at lifestyle and having PT sessions I lost almost 7 stone, my mindset really changed and I felt like I had a new found confidence. With a few chats I decided I wanted to take up powerlifting, as strength was always something I have always been interested in. From having severe back issues and at one point not even been able to bend over to pick up a pair of socks, I battle my way through injury rehab, eventually moving onto free weights and more intense lifting. 1 and a half years later I can now deadlift 170kg from the floor. I entered my very first powerlifting competition in November last year and took 1st place with a total score that qualified me for the Britain’s this year in July.

All the support and guidance from the team at lifestyle fitness Hartlepool has helped me achieve heights I never thought I could achieve! My coach Jason Elliott has helped me every step of the way from losing weight, guiding me through depression to now competing in powerlifting. It's been hard work and a tough journey but I finally feel more confident, energetic and positive.

This is a new chapter in my life. When I first joined the gym it was a scary place but it is so much more than just somewhere to go and train, it's one big family all helping each other reach and achieve their goals, I've made some wonderful friends and people along the way.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting their own journey to believe in yourself, always keep pushing and never give up.

A big thank you to my PT Jason for everything and the support from lifestyle fitness Hartlepool.


Such a great transformation, keep up the great work Joanne!