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Ballymena PT Loses 17 Stone of Body Fat!

14th February 2017

Our very own PT from Ballymena club shares his incredible transformation after not only losing a ton of weight, he gained a career out of it with our Lifestyle Fitness PT team!

“This is what 17 stone of body Fat loss looks like...

Scary to think that this time two years ago I was 32 stone weight, a wheelchair user from birth suffering from type 2 diabetes, my eyesight was starting to fade and I was suffering from very bad pressure sores which had already caused me to be bed bound for two stints of six months in bed, with a very bleak/short lived future ahead of me. If I hadn't taken myself in hand when I did it would be safe to say I wouldn't be here writing this short biography as we speak. I did the unthinkable for someone disabled in a wheelchair and against all odds and against what all the naysayers and doctors were saying I overcame and achieved."

"I became very knowledgeable in nutrition and trained hard with lots of blood sweat and tears at times in the gym to the best of my ability, adapting exercises to suit my individual strengths and needs accordingly. Taking a very strong interest in the industry I then took it upon myself to become qualified in the industry and now work full time as a Personal Trainer in a brilliant gym Lifestyle Fitness in Ballymena, Northern Ireland specialising in Obesity and Diabetes. I have since helped numerous others to shed their own fat and detract their Diabetes Type 2.”