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How Hartlepool PT Transformed His Body Shape

20th April 2017

With previous medical health issues with his back, consulting with a PT has helped one of our other PT's overcome his barrier and helped progress his goals. By having the support of a friend from the same industry, they can motivate and help each other. 

Andy's story: "Sat at 17 stone and starting my career as a Personal Trainer I contacted Matt Jordinson with the aim to transform the way I look and feel. I spent years drinking, eating and having a relaxed lifestyle which seen my weight balloon. I've previously had major back issues to which doctors told me I couldn’t play sport again which knocked my confidence, which was always a barrier to exercising due to fear of making my back worse. Once I contacted Matt we sat down and had long conversations about the strategies we would use in order to get me training and to where I needed to be. Over the weeks, my training changed, my nutrition changed and my whole outlook and mindset shifted. I was dropping body fat by the week, gaining confidence and generally feeling more positive as a result of my training, we also worked around my back issues and done corrective plans to strengthen my back and get me functioning. Matt was always there every step of the way on the end of a call or a text message. My weight at the end was a healthy 12 stone 4 pounds and with this newly formed physique I decided to enter a natural body building competition to which I got up to a national level. I'd like to thank matt for all his efforts and support!"

This is an incredible story, proving that with a bit of encouragement and motivation with the help of others around you, you can overcome fears and barriers and improve your life as well as your body shape. For more information, visit Matt's PT page: https://www.facebook.com/mattjordinsonpt