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25th January 2018

Quick and easy exercises you can do at your desk or around the house. So that even when you're a little time consumed and may not have time to pop to the gym you can stick to plan!

They also require very little equipment so there's NO excuses!


A tight front of the shoulder joint and lack of flexibility in the pec minor are common and pretty annoying.

Here’s mobility drill that works a treat to tackle this...


Step 1- Lie length ways on a foam roller with it running down the spine.

Step 2- Hold an empty bar just outside shoulder width with locked elbows.

Step 3- Slowly lower the bar above the head until you feel a bite/stretch on the front of the shoulder or chest and hold for 30-60 seconds.

Repeat it until you can comfortably rest the hands on the floor with next to no stretch in the chest/shoulder.


Due to most of us having our arms in front of the body most of the working day, the mid spine spends most of its time overly rounded. This then makes the opposite movement of straightening or extending the mid-back/spine weak!

This will impact  a lot of our exercises! Here’s a quick drill that you can carry out pre-training that will help..


Step 1- Brace/tighten the core as if someone’s about to throw a ball at the abs and rest the forehead on the bench.

Step 2- Grab an empty bar one hand width outside the shoulder joint and rest the elbows on the bench.

Step 3- Squeeze the shoulder blades together and downward and slowly pull the bar as far over the head as comfortable. Repeat for 30-60 seconds...done.

For more workout ideas pop in club and speak to our PT's, who are more than happy to help!