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31st January 2018


The process of change when written down is a simple one: firstly we need to have a goal that requires change swiftly followed by the understanding and mindset that change is needed to achieve this goal.

Once we understand that change is needed to achieve our goal we simply need to identify which habits need changing or which new habits we might need to create.

Once we have changed these habits or created new ones that benefit our goal, it is the routine of these habits (or simply performing them) consistently that will lead to actual change and the achievement of our goal.

But consistency is key and this is when changing or creating new habits becomes important. Habits are designed to become almost automatic and help save us effort and time. Therefore once we have created these habits they will almost automatically create consistency themselves.

This is when understanding how to change and create habits becomes crucial. Changing the cue and rewards of habits is how we go about this.

The cue for example; leaving your trainers or gym kit by the door to remind you to go to the gym or for a run.

The reward; the feel good factor you get after the session, the accomplishment of running further or increasing the weight you have lifted in your next session etc.

When you break it down the process is simple.

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