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23rd May 2018

Preparing your food ahead of time is going to save you both time and money.

It could be the key to help you achieve your fitness goals, as you can always keep track of what you’re consuming.

Taking that extra time to prepare for the week ahead and you’ll start to see and feel the benefits.

Find a day of the week that works best for you to spend time meal prepping and make it routine. If you work the typical Monday-Friday job, you may find you have more time on a Sunday to set aside. Choose your day for whatever works best for you and what you think you’ll stick to in the long run.

The best way to start your meal prepping is to choose a couple of meals that you enjoy and make the most of these when planning. Having 7 different meals a week is going to be quite difficult to maintain. So choosing your favourites and sticking to them could be more effiecient for you.

It may be a good idea to have a few staple foods available that you can batch cook and use in different ways. 

Staple foods to include are:

-Wholegrain rice

-Dried pasta

-Dried noodles


-Tinned tuna

-Tinned vegetables and beans e.g. chopped tomatos, sweetcorn, chickpeas

-Vegetables e.g. peppers, broccoli, carrots, salad leaves, avocado


-Beef mince

-Sweet potatoes


Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight, you should have a plan in place about how much food you should be eating daily or weekly.

Meal prepping allows you to control the portions of your food so that you can be precise in the number of calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein you are consuming within each meal.

While setting goals to eat healthier may be easy, actually following through with these goals in the long term can be a little trickier.

Food shopping will become much easier. Because you’ve already planned your meals in advance, you’ll know exactly what you need to purchase for the week.

Although you do need to invest some time upfront to plan and cook, you’ll end up saving time overall. Think about all the time you’ll save on an evening- you’ve just finished work, you’re tired BUT your meal is already prepared!

It’s easier to not overeat or under-eat if you already have your portions weighed out ahead of time! No longer will you be left scrambling to find something to eat and eventually choosing an unhealthy option.

Meal prepping allows you to enjoy your favourite meals and keeping in control of what you eat.