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The five muscle groups men neglect the most

28th July 2016

Men. We’re simple creatures really, all hyped up on red meat and desperate to look as handsomely curated as possible. We all know the dangers of missing certain muscle groups during our weekly workout routine, but the fact is that it happens - can it really be doing all that much harm?

Let’s take a look at just five of the muscle groups that men tend to neglect the most.

1. Gluteals
Were this to be a list of the muscle groups women ignore most often, this would certainly not be included. Ladies tend to spend an age sculpting a perfect derriere, with a whole range of different exercises that promise to turn them into the next Kim Kardashian. Men, on the other hand, are fairly nonplussed when it comes to glutes, and foolishly ignore the area even when leg day comes around.

Your glutes are the largest muscle group in your body, and any imbalance here can seriously impact the risk of injury. Your body can become over reliant on smaller muscles, which in turn can lead to back and hip pain, and besides, who wants weak glutes when it comes to lifting or sprinting? Most trainers will tell you that at least a fifth of your training time should be spent on legs

2. Upper back
In workout terms, men often tend to be preoccupied with what we can see, and sometimes everything ‘back there’ can get short shrift when it comes to scheduling a gym routine. Sculpting a heavy set torso with a bench or push up heavy regime is all well and good, but if your beefy exterior isn’t nicely balanced, it can have major effects on your skeletal make up and lead to huge back problems. Try to factor a back workout into each of your lifting sessions by pushing as much as you pull.

3. Forearms
Again, not a huge focus when it comes to sculpting a male adonis, forearm exercises are rarely worked into the average routine. It is true that there are no major aesthetic benefits to it, and there are no real health scares for men with weaker forearms, but if you take your routine seriously, it’s knowing that stronger forearms significantly improve your ability to lift, making building muscle on other areas of your body much quicker and easier.

4. Obliques
What?! We hear you cry - side bends are a go-to staple of the vast majority of male workouts, and the pursuit of that six pack guarantees strong obliques. Wrong. Side bends are a pretty ineffective way of working your obliques and only really serve to work the muscles either side of the core. There’s really no way of getting those perfect abs without gaining on your obliques.

5. Calves
‘Never skip leg day’ might have become a cheap punchline to a number of pretty average jokes, but when we say it, we mean it. Everyone knows the gym bunny beefcake whose torso is ripped but his ‘chicken legs’ make him a figure of fun, and let’s face it, it’s not pretty.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic teasings, there are genuine injury risks that come with a neglected calf area, and bigger guys especially can suffer long term injuries during quick movements. Leg day really should be a must.