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The benefits of being a Personal Trainer

29th November 2019

Brits spend 1 billion pounds every year on Personal Trainers according to research from Golf Support.

So, why is it such a rewarding job? Read below for some of the many benefits it offers!

Flexible to you

The first few months of being a PT will involve you building up your clientele. But you can organise your hours to suit you, so if you really don’t want to work that Sunday morning then you don’t have to!

Its key to remember being inflexible might damage your revenue.

Career progression

Our specialised PT program can lead to further progression! Becoming a PT at Lifestyle Fitness could result in further roles such as Team Leaders, PT Managers and more!


Sick of being bossed about? Being a PT means you can be your own boss and charge your own rates, so if you have an unreasonable client then you can choose whether to work with them or not.

Helping people

Your workday becomes even more rewarding when you’re helping someone! Seeing your client’s improvements, will be a success to you. Introducing a workout regime into their life will reduce their risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer – making a positive impact on their life!

Support and guidance

Through our PT program, uncapped support is available from a team of experienced and successful trainers. You’ll also receive weekly workshops covering nutrition, training, posture, mindset and more.

You can make future friends for life

Spending time with clients can lead to future long-lasting friendships! It can be lonely working on your own sometimes, so interact with people this way.

Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer? We are the UK’s leading Personal Training company model and are recruiting in numerous locations across the country, apply online using our recruitment page.