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Tasks to keep you busy during lockdown

03rd November 2020

German for dummies

As we head into a month-long lockdown, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to cope? Well, we’ve collated multiple tasks in this blog post to keep you busy during lockdown!

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping 

2020 has certainly been a weird year, but that doesn’t mean Christmas is cancelled. Why not get started on your Christmas gift lists early and have more time to enjoy the Christmas festivities! 

Learn to cook

Are you the next Gordan Ramsay? Use lockdown to improve your cooking skills and diet! Watch YouTube tutorials or invest in some recipe books and work your way up to Michelin star dishes. 

Take a language 

Remember when you said you would find the time to pick up a new language? Now you’ve got time. A wide range of online resources and YouTube tutorials at your disposal, why not use the time to learn something new.

Take a course 

Looking to improve on your professional portfolio or take an interest in something new? FutureLearn has a range of online courses provided by world-class universities and industry experts, so you can gain educational accreditation, expand on your skills, or deter yourself from boredom.


Enjoy the great outdoors or capturing moments at home? Pick up your lense and capture all the important moments – big or small on camera.

Start a blog 

Creative writer? Writing a blog can be a good way of expressing your thoughts, which is especially useful in coping with lockdown. 

Workout at home

Going to miss the gym? Working out at home can be beneficial for both your mind and body. You can follow our working out from home group for a variation of workouts to engage in here.