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Summer BBQ Alternatives

12th July 2019

Summer has arrived! Which only means three things – sunshine, longer days, and most importantly, backyard barbeques.

A barbeque is renowned for being unhealthy, but there’s a lot more ways to eat healthily without having to sacrifice on fun.

Here are five dishes that offer a healthy alternative whilst putting a spin on classic barbeque favourites.

Grilled Rack of Lamb

A smoked rib off the bone always goes down a treat. But it’s not rewarding on your diet. To get a similar effect without having to sacrifice on your diet, switch out pork ribs for lamb. One serving of lamb chops contains 200 fewer calories than a portion of baby back ribs, and just sixth of the fat. Plus, they can also be fired up on the grill, making them the perfect choice for an outside barbeque.

Vegetable Skewers

Too often the most nutritional part of the barbeque is loaded up with beef, pork, and other fatty meats. This time make vegetables the feature of the show by skewering together tasty flavour combinations – for instance red bliss potatoes, rosemary or cherry tomatoes, marinated artichoke halves or halloumi (for that added protein edge).

German Potato Salad

This time go light with the mayo, as this is another vegetable dish that is usually smothered in dollops of sauce – destroying its nutritional value. The Germans provide a healthy vinegar-based version: instead of adding bits of bacon like the recipe traditionally calls for, try swapping it for crumbles of crisped tempah.

Chicken Apple Sausage Dog

Hot dogs are heavily associated with summer and are synonymous with a barbeque. Despite their tastiness, they consist of high amounts of fat, sodium, and all sorts of our other questionable ingredients. If you’re looking to satisfy your hot dog cravings with a slightly healthier option this barbecue season, pick up a pack of chicken apple sausages. To finish off, serve in a whole-wheat bun coupled with red cabbage slaw, then you have yourself an alternative hot dog that is tasty as well as guilt-free.

Portobello Burger

Burgers are the staple food of a barbeque. A portobello burger offers the meaty texture of a burger with a blend of portobello mushrooms, making them a great beef substitute. Unlike some veggie burger recipes, these patties won’t fall apart on the grill. For an even richer flavour, marinade them in Light Soy or Worcestershire sauce ahead of your barbeque.