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22nd March 2018


Most people fear coming to the gym for the first time.

A lot of people fear starting their weight/ fat loss journey because they're not confident about how to go about it. Unfortunately, this is the case, but we need to try and change this.

A saying that I have recently came across is this: "the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek" and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Those things that you fear to do are obstacles in the way of you finding success. They are the obstacles that you NEED to remove, and unfortunately a lot of the time they can't be bypassed. You have to face them to find the true rewards.

I have experienced my own fears in my health and fitness journey and in my journey in the fitness industry. Facing these fears can be difficult but luckily for you there are people who can help. People who can shine a light and guide you through the cave. Make you feel comfortable in the gym, guiding you through your health and fitness journey, people like myself.

So how can we strive to suppress this feeling of fear?

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

No one joins the gym immediately knowing how to use every machine and what machines will help them to reach their end goal. There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice and guidance with this- in fact it will probably be a huge benefit to you. As part of your membership with Lifestyle Fitness we offer a free gym induction and PT consultation. This is a great opportunity for us to find out what you want to achieve, create a gym plan for you, but also for you to ask us any queries you may have. Take advantage of this and you’ll be ready to smash your goals.

2. Don’t be afraid to try new machines

Following on from this, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying machines that you wouldn’t usually venture towards is a great step to overcoming gym fear. You may have been going to the gym for years and never stepped foot in the weights area. You never know, this may be the key step to overcoming any anxiety and feeling comfortable to carry on with your fitness.

3. The more you go, the less you fear

It is true what they say, to overcome a fear you must tackle it head on. The more you go to the gym, the more confident and comfortable you will feel. Try pushing yourself to go that little bit more until you’re eventually at a stage that you're comfortable with.

4. Take a friend with you

We always feel more confident when we have a friend by our side, so why not bring a friend along to try out the gym and help you to progress along the way. Having a friend can even help you to stay at the gym longer, so this is a bonus.

5. Sign up for a fitness class

Fitness classes are a fun and social way of working out, but also to meet new gym goers who could help you in the future. There’s a sense of ‘safety in numbers’ at a fitness class, plus being shown by an instructor how to exercise effectively means that even if you're not the most experienced, you'll know what you're doing.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone is on their own fitness journey and has different goals that are probably different to yours. Focus on your own goals and you’ll be the one celebrating when you achieve them!