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31st July 2018

For many festival season is a chance to have as much food, booze and fun as you can over a weekend.

Throughout festival season it’s important to keep in mind that balance is key, having fun but staying healthy and safe. 

So, we've put together some top tips from avid festival-goers on how you can stay healthy through festival season...

PREPARE- While you may want to eat out of food trucks for the entirety of the festival, it’s always a good idea to take some snacks with you for when you’re at the tent and lacking energy. This is a good opportunity to have something a little healthier, such as dried fruit, nuts and protein bars. These are great as they’re not too heavy to carry in your bag and can give you that filling power that is needed.

FUEL YOURSELF- Be sure to have at least a big, filling breakfast every morning to give you energy for the day. Festivals have such a great array of food vans these days that there is so much to choose from! Most festivals now post the food options available on the website leading up to the festival. Have a look at these and write down some potentially healthier options. It would also be smart to have an idea where these vans are located so you can just grab and go when you’re out and about at the festival.

HYDRATE- Drinking plenty of water during a festival is vital. Water will give you energy, balance out any alcohol intake and starve off heat exhaustion, common at festivals. Many festivals tend to have free clean water taps, so it might be a good idea to take an empty water bottle with you to refill when you want to.

ENJOY- Festivals are a great place to unwind and have fun! You’re going to be burning off a lot of calories walking to and from the campsite, walking around the festival, standing around, dancing. So be sure to fuel up, stay hydrated and you will have so much fun whilst feeling healthy.