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Staying active on holiday

02nd July 2019

Are your suitcases packed for a break in the sun? Are you counting down the days? Have you packed your gym kit? Let’s be honest, a workout is probably at the bottom of your agenda. It’s time to de-stress for a lot of us. So why destroy the fun?

Staying active provides extra energy, reduced tension, and will most definitely work off some of them extra calories you might be consuming.

How do we find the balance between staying active and having a well-deserved break?

Planning ahead for a vacation can make all the difference. Put some thought into nearby locations to engage in physical activity. Here are a few ideas:

  • Look for available walking, running or cycling parks nearby.
  • Ask about current training facilities in the accommodation you’re staying in or in a close proximity.
  • Staying with family or friends? Ask if they have any potential fitness equipment that they could bring for you to use.
  • Plan simple workouts that don’t require much space or equipment. It might come in handy as an excuse for avoiding time with the in-laws.

If you’re uncertain about your holiday schedule and wondering if you’ll have enough time to complete a workout - then prepare for the worse case scenario. Follow these quick tips to be efficient with your time and try to squeeze in a workout when possible:

  • Come with a workout plan. Plan a 10-minute routine that you could do within your accommodation. For instance, you could choose 5 exercises and do them for 1 minute each in repetitions (squats, lunges, star jumps) or even swimming in the pool!
  • Bring resistance bands. They’re compact and especially useful for quick strength exercises whenever you have a spare few minutes.
  • Bringing a laptop or have use of a TV? Bring a workout DVD or try streaming workouts online – Youtube offer a large variety.
  • Don’t forget your walking or running trainers. You never know when a 20-minute window might come available to go for a light walk or run – while the others are napping.

It’s all good planning and preparing but even the best plans manage to get derailed, especially during the holidays. If there’s no scope for a workout, then get creative and find ways to engage in physical activity that doesn’t have to fit a routine.

Walk as much as possible. Pick up some extra groceries, use the stairs, or go on a spontaneous trip to the beach.
Made friends? Set up a game of football, table tennis or even darts.
Have no use of equipment? Use some large full water bottles as weights for quick lateral raises or overhead presses. Something is always better than nothing.