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Fitness inspiration

03rd December 2015

Rebecca Simms, a member at Lifestyle Fitness Hagley Road lost an incredible 4 1/2 stone in only 5 months.

"I feel great, I have lost 4 & a half stone in just 5 months at the gym. I go to the gym and do my own workouts 3 times a week and do 3 classes a week. I feel more confident as a person but most importantly to me I feel healthier and fitter, along side with a great eating plan I seem to be achieving weight loss I never ever thought I would. I have battled with my weight my entire life & never seem to lose the weight. I would always lose and little then pile it back on, but I really feel this time is different and I am so happy and proud of how far I have come. I still have a long way to go but I am definitely getting closer."

We asked Rebecca what exercise she does each week;

"I do 1 hour cardio and about 25 mins weights, and 3 sets of 20 sit ups everyday at home. In the gym I do 15 mins on the stepper at level 8, 15 mins on the treadmill at 5.5 speed and 8% incline (no holding on) 10 mins rower, 10 mins on the arm machine and 10 mins cross trainer, I just work my arms and legs on the weights."