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Ready, set, Tough Mudder!

10th February 2020

Do you like a challenge? Tough Mudder is probably one of the hardest physical challenges in the UK, consisting of muddy obstacles for miles on end!

It’s recommended by realbuzz.com that you should do three to six hours training per week for a couple of months before the event.

We’ve collated five exercises below to get you ready for the challenge!

Mountain Climbers

They aren’t one of the most fun exercises in the world, but then what is? Blast out a few of these during your workouts and they’ll strengthen your quads, chest, shoulders and hamstrings helping to power you through the Kiss of Mud or Swamp Stomp!

Bear Walk

Tough Mudder is a course that’s challenging even for the toughest of people, including the Rock! That’s why its always advantageous to do full body exercises such as the bear walk to develop your body strength and alignment, so you can perform at your very best on the day!

The Plank

This exercise is not only physically tough, but mentally. Use this exercise as a way of building up your mental strength, so when you’re beginning to give up, push yourself over the finishing line by remembering you are stronger than you think!

To succeed at Tough Mudder its vital to have mental strength as well as physical prowess.


A workout favourite - squats can be used in a variation of ways and are hugely effective exercises, making them perfect for Tough Mudder. If you’re able to, squat using weights to optimise your workout.


Tough Runner encourages all athletic abilities to take part, but it’s a plus to have strength when you’re taking on obstacles like the Cliffhanger. Dips are a useful exercise in building arm strength, whilst also strengthening triceps, chest and shoulders.


Want to prepare yourself effectively? Come down to our facilities and train for free using our Day Pass or visit our Valentine’s Open Week between the 10 - 17th of February for a week of free workouts!