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Training Through Ramadan

15th May 2017

With Ramadan coming up, we have put together some tips and advice for training whilst fasting through the annual observance.

The best advice is to stay hydrated, aiming to drink 5 litres of water between the opening and closing of the fast. For the first few days, you may feel slightly tired or fatigue but staying persistent through training, your body will adapt to the new diet and change.

We interviewed Muhammad Ikram, who is an avid trainer throughout Ramadan and will this year will be no different. In Muhammad’s experience, Ramadan presents an opportunity to get ‘very lean’ and the biggest obstacle is the change in eating habits. Once into a routine and understand how your body will cope with the right training and diet, it becomes easier for your body to adapt rather than putting on body fat or losing the muscle mass from training beforehand.  

He also explained how he trained through Ramadan and the changes he made. “If you really want to lean up during Ramadan, train fasted. I personally just train 3 hours after waking up. If you want to maintain as much strength and size as you can, train after you open your fast and have your first meal.”

A lot of it comes down to mentality and motivation, as Muhammad explains, “Ramadan and timing I would admit makes things difficult because you can open your fast late at night and close it early morning. You would need to drink and eat all your total calorie intake in that window of time as well as getting your 8 hours sleep. My best suggestion is to focus on what you can control, drink your 5 litres of water and consume your target calories so you will be good the next day.”

The biggest change during Fasting is the time period in which you eat, although your diet doesn’t have to change very much. Eating plenty of fruit is important, and according to Muhammad, “the only carbs you should be having are the complex carbohydrates because you would be in a fasted state for the most of the next day.”

To see his previous transformation from his one month Ramadan last year, take a look at his Instagram account @ikybrah - https://www.instagram.com/ikybrah/ showing his commitment to his training and how much leaner he got from fasting during Ramadan. Keeping up with your training and diet regime isn’t impossible but taking care of your body is essential. Listen to what it needs, don’t push your body to train if it’s telling you take it easy but feeding it the right foods and drinking enough water will help anyone get back into day-to-day training once Ramadan is over.

For further advice on training during Ramadan why not speak with our Personal Training team in club who will be happy to help!