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27th February 2018

Be careful when thinking to drive the knees out on a squat. For some people it works great to keep your knees in line with your ankle and foot.

For others with tight ankle joints, it can cause the foot/ankle to roll outward and ball of the foot to leave the floor.

This basically places it in a weak position, increasing the likelihood of injury hugely!


If you notice this happening when you’re squatting....

Alternatively, think screw the ball of the foot into the floor and out.

As a side effect, the knees will drive outward but keep the ankle and foot planted and in a more solid position.


As you can see the bar and my chest and head have shifted in front of the foot or place where I’m applying force to the ground.

Biomechanically this a weak position to squat from but also leaves your lumbar and mid-spine overcompensating and overstressed.

The chest, bar and head are all above the mid-foot/ankle.

Much stronger and biomechanically sound and a better position to make progress from.

This guest post comes from our Carlisle PT Graham Lawson. For more fitness tips check out Lifestyle Fitness on Facebook or pop into club for a consultation.