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Our favourite stress-free apps

26th October 2020

Man using his phone

As National Stress Awareness Day approaches, we look at the best apps on the market for Android and Apple users that can help with stress.

Read below for our four (sorry) favourites!


This app helps with sleep, meditation, and relaxation. The meditations are for different abilities, perfect for beginners and more experienced people! Sleep is extremely important when it comes to coping with stress, but it's also easily affected when it comes to stress and anxiety - leaving a lot of people struggling to sleep. To support this, the app includes nature sounds and sleep stories that can contribute to a great night sleep.


As you can probably guess by the name, this app involves some sort of colouring. It’s an adult coloring book brought to life! There’s numerous images to choose from, or you can even upload some of your own artwork. Before you know it, hours of creative colouring have passed by!

Emerging yourself into colour and beautiful designs can deter from any anxious feelings, making you feel more at ease. Don’t worry about straying outside the lines, the simple click-to-function will do the work for you.

Anti-stress relief game

This app is full of fun distractions. It includes those fidgety exercises that you use to pass the time away when you’re bored, such as; bubble wrap popping, fidget spinners, pen clicking, soap carving, and much more. If you need something to keep you distracted from those negative thoughts - this is the app for you.


The clue is in the name! Moodnotes lets you document your everyday struggles in note form. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and positive psychology, this app gains an understanding of your anxiety.

It enables you to take a picture of your face to imagine your mood and write down your own thoughts when you start to feel uneasy. In addition to this, there’s also educational materials available to help with any negative thoughts that affect everyday life.