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Top Tips On Staying Motivated Over Winter

22nd December 2016

We all know how hard it is sticking to training and diet plans over the winter months, therefore we have some top tips to keep you motivated.

We all have our ultimate goal for training or our body shape but sadly we aren’t able to click our fingers and magically have our ideal body. However, having a long term plan is one massive step to getting the outcome we want. But, it does take time for these things to happen and setting small, individual goals is the most beneficial way to get to where we want to be.

Giving yourself a month to get into shape for an upcoming event or holiday probably isn’t going to work, but as most fitness trainers say “summer bodies are made in the winter”. This is basically true, and although it may be hard to stay motivated throughout the winter, setting a small goal for the winter months will help you to not fall too far behind your goal.

Here are some top tips on how to stay motivated through those cold winter months:

1. Buy yourself some new gym gear - this may sound silly but buying yourself some new gym clothes or equipment is a great self motivator!

2. Find yourself a workout partner - this way you can push each other to go to the gym or to a class!

3. Prep your meals - prepping is a great way to prevent yourself from going out and buying junk food or tempting yourself with bad habits.

4. Shorter training sessions - Rather than pushing yourself through long, hard sessions… why not try shorter but more high intense sessions - join a class or try a HIIT workout!

5. Wear your FitBit or activity tracker - This will help you analyse your movement and try to aim for 10,000 steps a day. This is a great way to ensure your body is still moving throughout the day.

6. Write down your small goals - Keep track of your weight and measurements as well as your small goals and when you want to reach them by. By doing this, you can tick off when you’ve reached your goal or what you can do to reach the next one.

7. Take before and after photos - As much as we don’t like seeing our bodies in the mirror, taking a photo before, during and after is a fantastic self confidence boost. Especially how you won’t see your progression day by day but taking staggered photos, you’ll realise how far you have come!

So don’t let the festive season ruin your training or let you fall back into bad habits! Remember… summer bodies are made in the winter… results have to start from somewhere!