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Middlesbrough Client Shows Her New Summer Body

05th June 2017

We have some inspiration to start off the week, showing that getting that summer body can happen if you put your mind to it!

Our Middlesbrough PT, Joe Ayre shares his client's story…

Corrinda came to me looking to get in shape for her holiday to Florida and was a little apprehensive as shed always been in decent shape but never had the results she really wanted.

Over the course of her training plan, she stuck to everything that she was advised to do and gave 100% in each session, both with myself and in her own workouts.

During these workouts, she started weight training with Joe and then extra sessions with her friends outside of her PT sessions. Showing that working out with other people can be a great way to encourage each other and help each other along with their journey. Then also having PT sessions means she can learn new techniques and exercises with the extra support and encouragement.

Through her journey with Joe, they focused mainly on building her strength and making sure her workouts were challenging enough to create a change in body composition.

As well as these sessions, Corrinda still wanted to enjoy the classes the gym provided, so this was factored into her plan and it’s fair to say her results have been outstanding!

During her fitness journey, she even managed a few nights out and a few nights abroad in this time to.

Safe to say Corrinda is looking fantastic and will rightly so feel amazing as she goes on holiday tomorrow.

This just goes to demonstrate how well you can do if you stay consistent with your plan.

For more information on getting in shape or looking for a PT in our Middlesbrough club, contact Joe Ayre! https://www.facebook.com/josephayrefitness/